Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Want it Wednesday- Planet X Pro Carbon Tour De France Limited Edition

Anybody that's read my blog lately will know that I'm a big fan of Planet X / On One and that I'm building a nice collection of their bikes but there is one type of bike that's missing and that's a road bike. Currently in my stable I've got a single speed cross Pompino , urban single speed/fixie Macinato , my girlfriend's Inbred  mtb and a carbon Lurcher 29er mtb that's still in the build stage, but I would love to add a road bike to my collection at some point in the future. I love the look of road bikes, I think they are far more aesthetically pleasing to the eye than mtb's and if I were to have one it would have to be from and the one that's caught my eye at the moment is the Pro Carbon Tour De France Limited Edition in homage to the 100th edition of the race . I would love to have a high end all singing all dancing pro level racing machine and Planet X have got them but I think I would probably look a bit stupid on one so the Pro Carbon Tour De France Limited Edition will do me just fine. It has a mix of Sram Rival and Force groupset with an FSA Gossamer crank but what gives it a bit of an edge are the 50/50 carbon rimmed wheels and a stealthy all black finish to give it that pro look and all for a very reasonable £1,299,99. 

So there you have it folks my Want it Wednesday and if you would like to see some more have a pop over to Jez Andrews Following the Chainline blog where it all started.


  1. Ooh good choice I like the look of that! The money is incredible value as always. I'm scratching my head for what else I'd spend my money on for the price. Thanks for linking, will link back when I'm back on my PC.

  2. It really is another cracking deal from PX with the wheels alone normally selling for £499.

    My girlfriend is giving blogging a go Jez and has done a Want it Wednesday for one of her first post's , her blog is called Changing Gear but she isn't set on the title yet so that could change,she is following you and has linked to your blog in the post and she and I would both be grateful if you could give her a link too...

  3. Sweet bike - I'm beginning to like the carbon look, and this one has a nice, non-bling-y aesthetic!

    1. I've always been a steel man myself but I'm being seduced by carbon more & more..

  4. Will do. Computer issues this last month have stopped me blogging and linking will sort very soon I promise!!

  5. If your girlfriend is my newest follower I don't seem to have a link to her blog. Also the blog page changing gears already exists. Do you have a link to help me find her?