Friday, 19 October 2012

Flite XC Saddle Premature Wear Issue

The image above shows a small patch where the Lorica cover has peeled on my Selle Italia Flite XC ti saddle. This is after 6 months of what I would say is moderate use,  by moderate I mean not every day,  maybe 2-3 times a week and some weeks not at all so to me this is a bit disappointing for a top line saddle.
I'm a big fan of Selle Italia saddles especially Flites having had an original with 10 years use out of it so I had high expectations for it and it being an XC model and designed for the rigours of off road  expected it be pretty hard wearing.

The peeling started along the stitching with the central rubber channel that's designed to provide some grip as the white Lorica side panel's are very slippy, not very good for off road. As the peeling started at the stitched edge I deemed this to be faulty and as the saddle is still within the warranty I contacted On One who I purchased it from. On Ones response was predictable stating that they considered it to be down to wear & tear and thus not covered by warranty. I replied arguing that it wasn't fair wear&tear as the saddle was little over 6 month's old and that the peeling had started from the stitching so it could be argued that there is a fault with the saddle but they didn't even bother to reply to that email. The last two bikes I've built have been On Ones so that's disappointing too.

I asked the good folk on the Singletrack forum for opinions which were pretty mixed but with one or two being a bit insulting with one even telling me to MTFU which is the kind a response that you can get sometimes on the ST forum as it seems to have more than it's fair share of know it all gobshites.

I know the saddle still performs as a saddle and that it's a small patch of peeling but to me a saddle that retails for £100 is not meant to have the cover start to peel within 6 months as some folk on the ST forum seem to think that it is. It's a very trivial matter but part of me thinks I ought to contact Selle Italia because I'm a fan and maybe they might just be interested in my feedback as I'm sure they don't expect the Flite XC to peel like that and that it's possible that it's a poor design with the stitching in a high wear area, but the other part of me thinks that don't be so pathetic and just get on it and ride it which is most likely what I will end up doing....  

Friday, 12 October 2012

Pompino update !

It's been a while since I last posted probably the longest gap since I started posting. I've been busy starting a new relationship and college so there's been quite a lot of change to get used too so my  riding for fun as taken a back seat a bit but I've probably ridden more but it's been more of a commuting and just getting about type riding.

The Pompino as been fitted with the FSA carbon crank and I have to say that I'm very pleased with it as I wasn't too sure when I bought it. The Goldtec chainring looks great with it too and finished off with red kcnc chain ring bolts.

It feels like it's lost a shed load of weight and that coupled with a slightly lower gear it's a lot easier to get up the hills now . Just a slotted/hollow pin chain and the White Industries freewheel and that will be the drivetrain taken care off.

I've been having a clear out of old parts to make some funds for the new wheels that hopefully I should be able to get in the next few weeks, still not sure what build to go with yet though !

Stay tuned !