Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Want it Wednesday-White Industries ENO freewheel

It's that time again to join in with want it Wednesday at Jez Andrews's following the chainline blog and it's where anybody who's interested can share there biking related wants and desires with the blogosphere .

My want it this week is a White Industries ENO freewheel for my single speed Pompino . Anybody who's familiar with the whole single speed thing will probably have heard the name of White Industries before as they make what is regarded as the best freewheel on the market. They also make some of the nicest blingest hubs and crank sets too.

Although these lovely pieces of kit are the most expensive on the market at around £65-90 sheets, typically cheaper units can bought for between £10-30, but on most there are no seals, so for off road not much good.  I have to say though that the cheapo one on my bike at the moment is still running ok through some pretty shitty conditions with just a bit of oil poured in now and again ! But the ENO's are totally serviceable, with sealed cartridge bearings, that provide a smooth movement with no tight spots and grinding that you get with cheaper units. On the standard ENO there is a 36t engagement system with a case hardened electroless nickel plated outer gear case. They come in a range of size's from 16t to 22t. There's also a tougher model intended for Trials with a 72t engagement but the real mackdaddy is the ENO DOS which gives you an option of two gears either 16+18 or 17+19 which is tempting.


Having the different gear would mean you having to manually change the gear by moving the chain by hand, and probably having to adjust your brakes too. So the jury is still out on this option for me as I'm pretty sure what gear I want and you would probably only want to change it again pretty soon anyway.

So there it is this weeks little addition to want it wednesday !

Friday, 17 August 2012

It's a jungle out there !

I've not been riding much lately as I've said in a previous post, so when I got a couple of rides in last week it was a bit of a shock to see how much my local loop had turned into a jungle in the space of about three weeks. I can't remember seeing these trails this overgrown before. I did wonder whether I wasn't the only one who's not been hitting the trails lately and that it was down to a lack of traffic, but judging how many people I'm seeing while out riding these days I'll just put it down to the lovely summer we've had.

 Now that's some serious foliage and with the brambles lacerating my legs and wrapping round my crank it made this section a right old stumble slog !  Think I'll  give this little section a miss for a few weeks or just  take a machete with me next time  !

This field of wheat/barley (not really sure) looked like a nice healthy looking crop to me which was a surprise as I thought all the rain might of ruined something like this, I mean it could be for all I know but I hope not for the farmers sake. It makes a good back drop for taking nice pics though !

Thursday, 9 August 2012

What would you do ?

This amazing act of generosity warmed my heart the other day when I read the article, and made me think that the guy in the shop would probably not have been moved to help if the kid had been asking his mum for an X Box or Playstation ?

Bicycles in one way or another just seem to bring the best out of people...

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Want it Wednesday-Swrve Urban Cycling wear

Want it Wednesday is here again and is a reminder of how quick the weeks fly by !  Although I've got an extensive list of  "want it's" I had to think a bit this week and thought if I had a bit of spare cash at the moment what would I spend it on, and apart from bits for my bike it would be some new clobber from the very stylish urban cycling wear company Swrve .

As I use my bike for getting about on Swrve's apparel is right up my street and are packed with features for cycling in such as there jeans having slightly stretchy material and pockets that will take a mini D lock.

The one item I would really like is their wax riding jacket , which would be a nice jacket even without the cycling features.

Now I know the stuff ain't cheap but I think they compare well with designer gear and with all the added features you get they ain't too bad.  So there you have it this weeks want it wednesday-Swerve Urban Cycling Apparel.