Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Winter come & gone

Last week I made the most of  freezing temps and the rock hard ground with mostly night rides, which ended on the Friday night with the thermometer hitting about -10 C and my water bottle freezing.

 Winter is my favorite season so when the snow came on Saturday I didn't waste any time and spent nearly 4 hrs riding the local trails and lanes. It ended up being quite a slog in the end has it came down thick and fast, with about 6-7 inches in 5 hrs which would of been much deeper but it was falling as sleet at times. I decided to call it a day when I was soaked through and getting pretty cold.As is the case a lot of time with winters in the UK it started to thaw the next day, and by the middle of the week the trails were like a scene from the Somme but that's another story. Here's some of the shot's from Saturday.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Contador ban what a joke !

El Pisterlero must be laughing his socks off with back dated ban and the loss of the title's he's won since testing positive. I would feel sorry for the riders who have now been given the wins,  if I could 100 % trust them of being clean, because if Contador had been banned they would of won "fairly".
The people who I do feel sorry for are the fans, every race involving El Cheat since his postive has been rendered completely meaningless by this back dated ban. The results as they stand are worthless because they will mean nothing to the riders, no rider wants a title with an asteric attatched to it on his palmeres. Just when you think that cycling is entering a new cleaner era it get's dragged back down into the mire again.