Saturday, 21 April 2012

TRP Inplace Adjust pad set up

After seeing that there's quite a few posts here and there asking how you set up toe in on Frogglegs canti's, I thought I`d do a post to show how to set up these pads as anybody who has bought Frogglegs canti`s will know you don`t get any instruction manual with them, leaving you to figure it out for yourself. It wasn't till I came across a pic of the more expensive pads with angle markings that it became obvious how the unique set up of the inplace adjust actually worked, but without the markings it's a bloody mystery. I'd thought that mine were faulty because one of the pads was angled differently to the rest ! Now I've got them set up right they're working a lot better, more stopping power and it's quite a nifty system and in my opinion better and easier to set toe in than the conical washer system.

The pic above shows the hole in the end of the pad post, where you put the alan key and turn till it loosens the pad holder enabling you to set your toe in. You can also adjust the pad up or down too.

The pic above shows you how much the pad swivels in the oppisite direction. Like I sad before once you know how it's a really easy and smart way to get your toe in and i'm sure some of the bad stuff on the forums i've read about these brakes is down to not knowing how these pads work.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

This is my Pompino, there are many like it but this one is mine...

This shot was taken using my niece's Cannon SLR camera. I'm sure I could of got a better shot if I knew what I was doing but I don't think it's too shabby. I've been using an old Casio Exifilm 7.2 mega pixels which I've never been really happy with but that could be down to me too.

I've started using using my Nokia x6 phone after fixing the broken screen and LCD. The shot above was from the x6,  it uses a 5 MP Carl Zeiss optic and I really don't think I shall bother carrying a camera again even if it was only a compact. The added bonus with x6 is I can listen to my tunes as well.

Just after taking this shot  I nearly came a cropper when a bloody great big tractor came flying over the brow of the hill !!

You can't tell from the shot above as it's as dry as it gets but in winter the mud can  be ankle deep along this stretch of track.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Single Speed CX Porn

  This has surely got to be THE definition of bicycle porn

Indy Fab belt drive



Moots Pysclocx

Engin cycles ti cx

Tommeke Tommeke Tommeke


Tom Boonens attack today with over 50 km's to go was great to watch and I bet even a watching
Cancerlara would of been wondering if even he could of held his wheel. I didn't get to watch last weeks win at Flanders live but I'd recorded it so spent most of the week until I could watch it trying to avoid finding out  the result. 
Flanders has always been my favourite race but with the Muur & the Bosberg  removed from the race I have to say for me it's just not the same, a bit like watching the last day of the tour without the Champs Elysees. Tom, today though made up for any let downs from the organisers of the Flanders, I have always been a fan of Tom not just for his riding but because he is a real character and obviously not afraid to enjoy life away from cycling, anybody who can twice test positive for Cocaine and then ride a classics campaign like Tom has and equalled De Vlaeminck's record of four Roubaix wins is a bit special, the only rider ever to win Gent Wevelgem, E 3, Flanders & Roubaix in the same season. I'd like to know what his accusers of being a wheel sucker are thinking now ? Chapeau Tom Boonen.