Monday, 8 July 2013

Hot cross Pompino Fun

Today's ride with Deb was our biggest ride so far and It was a scorcher too with the thermometer hitting about 26-27 C and probably our hottest day for a few years. It was a nice steady ride and nothing technical on farm tracks/bridleways and forest trails. Deb had her first puncture from the usual suspect, a thorn ! It gave us a chance for a breather and Debs a lesson on how to fix a puncture. I'm running tubeless with Stans rims and haven't had a puncture since I had the wheels before Xmas so I've told Deb we will get some tubes with removable cores and put some sealant in so she doesn't get anymore punctures, which she likes the sound of.

It's great to watch Debs confidence grow with each ride, she really does try hard but I think I might be a bit hard on her sometimes, it can be difficult finding the balance between pushing her just hard enough and too hard, I think I might expect a bit too much at times but it's a learning curve for both of us, and one we are both really enjoying.

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