Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Cycle Diaries

Mens long sleeve

 I have always had an interest and fascination with the Che Guevara story and an admiration for the man himself. I'm a bit of a Socialist at heart and like to think of myself as a bit of a rebel (in reality more of a dreamer) so when Deb and I came across these Che Guevara jerseys from Spakct we just had to have them. They came up in a search for pink ladies cycling jerseys as the ladies version is pink. I had never heard of Spakct before as it seems they are quite a new brand made in China for the US market and we had to buy direct from China but you can get them them on Amazon now. The jerseys are really well made with mostly flat stitching and the material looks to be quality stuff and price wise they are a bit of a bargain costing about £45 for the long sleeve version and that's including the shipping costs. The only issue we had was the sizing.
womens short sleeve
I had to get the XXL and it's still a bit tighter than I would normally wear and Debs got the S long sleeve but went a size up to medium when she bought the short sleeve. I'm normally a large when I buy UK or EU made stuff but saying that a Santini jersey I bought recently was XXL but that was what the sizing guide said I would need and that top fitted great. The sizing guide for these though was wrong and I was just lucky Debs had bought her's first so I took a gamble on the size I'd need and it paid off.

So if your looking for a jersey that's a bit different you won't go far wrong by checking Spakct out. Just be careful with the sizing !


  1. Hello i love the idea of this Che Guevara Cycling Jersey i've been to Cuba Twice and planning on going back in July for a tour. What size did your Deb buy and what size is she usually compared to the UK sizing quide.

    1. Hi Sue, Debs bought a medium when she got the ss top because the small ls top was too tight, she is a UK size 8 and the medium was a good fit if you like a tight fit. I would recommend you go a up a couple of sizes from your usual size even 3 sizes if you like a looser fit..