Thursday, 20 June 2013

A Trio Of On One's + One

A Dream Come True

I've always done most of my riding by myself as none of my friends are into riding and I'm not really into the club thing, so when my girlfriend (Debby) said she wanted to get a mtb I was like a cat that got the cream. 
I have always dreamt of having a girlfriend who I could share my passion for biking with and now that dream has come true. She is really throwing herself into it and genuinely seems to be interested, asking all sorts of questions, even wanting me to show her how to do some wrenching, I'm over the moon. 
My rides have gotten a lot slower and shorter and my fitness has suffered but it is all worth it.
I'm helping Debs to build up a lovely white On One Inbred with pink highlights adding a further addition to the growing quiver of On One's. It's a real girly bike but I don't mind I think it looks great. The bike was in the clearance sale, it came with a 16" frame,steel rigid forks and road tyres as it was branded an urban mtb, a misnomer if you ask me ? After seeing her ride it a few times I think she would be better on a smaller 14" frame so we're just waiting for them to come in stock. Also she has bought a lovely set of white Rock Shox Sid RLT forks with a poploc lockout lever to go on the new frame but we couldn't wait so I've fitted them to the 16" and will just swap them out with the rest of the components when the new frame arrives. I've fitted a lovely pink 34t Blackspire chainring with pink bolts and in the process doing away with the big ring making it a 2x9 group. Also I got rid of the heavy Avid discs and replaced them with some lovely light (80g) Aligator aries discs and again in pink. Nice. The oversized handlebars have been replaced with some narrower Race Face bars I had in my parts bin and I've replaced the 70mm stem with a lovely 50mm kcnc jobby and finished off the cockpit with some limited addition bubblegum pink Oury grips. Probably the most important change has been swapping out the On One Big Nose saddle for a beautiful white with pink flashes Selle Italia SLR lady id match saddle, not cheap but worth every penny !

Debs new Inbred

 my cool & sexy bike chick 

SS/Fixie Macinato
I finally got the Macinato finished and I'm pretty pleased with it, I've not gone mad with the spec this time like I did with the Pompino as it will be just a little bit of fun for getting round town on. I bought the frame and forks cheap just after Xmas and  have only had to buy the crankset,brakes,seat,tyres and chain as I already had all the other parts. It's a lovely ride, very smooth but firm due to the thin 23c tyres. I'm not sure about the flat bars, I've cut them down narrow which has given the bike laser sharp steering which is good but I think I'll chop down some risers I've got in my parts bin and see how they feel and at some point I'll throw some drops on too to see which I prefer.

Plus One

A Trio of On One's

The expanding quiver of On One's will soon have a fourth addition as I have taken advantage of yet another amazing half price deal on the carbon Lurcher 29er frames, a deal too good to miss.

On One Lurcher 29er

This will be my fifth On One build including my first Inbred that was stolen but my first 29er. I've really enjoyed riding all my On One's, they really do give a great ride for the money so I'm fully expecting the Lurcher to follow in their tyre tracks and be a great ride too. The frame is pictured with a Token press fit BB92 bottom bracket and a FRM mixer 1-1/8 to 1-1/5 headset in red. Red is going to be used for some of the bits and pieces with a bit of white here and there to tie in with the white forks. I've ordered some white Rock Shox Sid 120mm XX tapered steerer forks with the hydraulic lockout which are going to look great with the black frame. I was originally going to fit rigid carbon forks but with On One again doing some great half price deals on Rock Shox forks it was another deal to good to miss. The wheels will probably be Stans Crest tubeless rims on red Hope hubs, a nice and reasonably light wheelset and I have always coveted some Hope hubs so now's the time.  The groupset will be Shimano 2x10 or 1x10 and I will be keeping it light and staying with the carbon theme with carbon bars & seatpost.

Looking forward to sharing mine and the girlfriend's adventures in the near future..


  1. 14" frame is fantastic. I got the ti456 and daren't look back. Love the pink stuff.

  2. Thanks Ewen, Deb can't wait to get her hand's on it so she can tackle her rides with a bit more confidence..ti456 is legendary and is on my want it list..I'm loving the pink too, even contemplated going "pink" on my Lurcher build :D...

  3. Silly question maybe but what is the lurcher colour? their site has "black" or "gloss black / Matt black"

    1. They are mainly matt with a bit of a gloss finish around the head tube !