Thursday, 27 June 2013

14" Inbred

Debs new 14"Inbred frame arrived today and I managed to get everything swapped over and even found time to press the headset & bottom bracket in my new Lurcher frame.

14" Inbred

Debs looks a lot better on the smaller 14" but only just.  At just over 5 ft tall she only just fits the smallest of adult frames and it takes a lot of messing about with stem lengths and rises. We had put a 50mm 6º rise stem and flipped it so it was negative but it looks like the 70mm 9º rise stem that was on originally will have to go back on flipped negative too and possibly a flat bar so that she isn't in a too sit up and beg position. But she says it feels better than the 16" but she's not had chance to ride it yet so we will just have to see how it all fits.

My new Rock Shox Sid's arrived too and jolly nice they are too. They are the 120mm XX tapered steerer 15mm maxle light with the hydraulic remote lockout flavour, which is quite a mouthful. The Lurcher is stated as being suspension corrected for 100mm MAX but On One aren't getting anymore 29er 100mm Sid's in stock so a 120mm it is.  I don't think 20mm shall be catastrophic and I can always reduce the travel on the forks which isn't too difficult, I've done it on a set of Reba's before,  but I'm just going to see what they are like setup with some extra sag before I start stripping them down. 

The Lurch is starting to take shape nicely now, it's just a case of being patient now..


  1. Because its a 29er having that extra 20mm will make it feel taller at the front than it already is so you may have to increase the sag. By the way the top tube is quite long so you may need a shorter stem than what you had before.

    1. The tall front end is an issue with Debs frame with it being so small needing to fit the stem flipped, I will definitely run my forks with extra sag before I resort to stripping them to remove spacers, the long top tube on On One's is what I love about them, I've got a pretty long torso & arms so I can get away with a bit longer stem so I'm going to try the 70mm 0º rise stem that's on my pompino and take it from there. .

  2. Think my stem is 60mm and -6 degrees. Lurcher and scandal share the same geometry but your frame is bigger.

  3. Yeah I know the Scandal & Lurcher share the same geo, don't know how tall you are Jez but I'm 6'1", I toyed with getting an 18" frame but after checking the seat tube length I would of been pushing it with a 400mm seat post. In the past I have had a 20" kona cinder cone, 21" Saracen Killi comp and an 18" Inbred and been ok on them all but the Inbred was at the limit with a 400mm seatpost fitted. I'm expecting that I will probably end up having to fit a neg rise stem especially as I have already bought a 15mm low rise carbon bar to go on but having the 70mm 0º rise Thomson gives me a good neutral starting point