Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Want It Wednesday - Rolf Prima SSCX wheels

Just like many a cyclist I've got a wanted/needed bike's/bike parts list that's long enough that if I was to have to wright it down I would need to use a toilet roll !

So when Jez Andrews - Following The Chainline got in touch to ask if I would like to join in with his Want it Wednesday  I thought why not, and also,  I thought listing some of the item's on my ever expanding list might just give me a bit more of an incentive to actually get round to purchasing some of the planned wants I had for my little pompino project that as stalled a bit of late.

Currently sitting at the top of my want it list are these lovely and distinctive Rolf Prima Single Speed CX.  Wheel choice for SSCX usually means custom hand built which is totally fine,  but as far as I know these are the only dedicated wheelset available and meant for race day really, so for me this makes them a pretty rare and desirable thing to lust for !

The wheels are built using the legendary White Industries Eno hub.  There's an Eccentric version for converting vertical drop out frames to single speed without the use of a chain tensioner.  They also come in either tubular & clincher with the clincher weighing a few grams heavier than the tubular at 1560kg and costing around £700.  The 16 twin bladed spokes F&R makes them really distinctive and bling tastic and you can even pimp them up with the Prima Plus Program that will match the decals to the colour of your bike.

I have a bit of a dilemma though, is my pompino worthy of such bling and can I do  them justice ? It would mean the wheels costing more then the rest of the bike put together, but as we know a bike is as only good as it's wheels.

So,  more realistically I will probably have to go for my second choice on my want it list,  which is a custom build (see I told you I don't have a problem going custom) by Goldtec/Betd using there track hubs which hard working and in the know London bike messengers swear by, topped off with Stans Alpha's and laced with Sapim DB spokes for around the £400 mark,  or if my funds are a bit low I might just use Mavic Open Pro rims instead which drops the price to around £300, but I would prefer tubless Stans set up. I still want the Rolf's though !

Another reason to go for the custom option is I live less than 10 mins from the Goldtec shop !

Warning-Bike lust can seriously harm your bank balance !


  1. Hi david thanks for taking part!! One thing. You might want to change my surname to Andrews in your post :D. Know who you are thinking of though!

    As for your wheels they are very lush and they would look great on your bike. Nothing wrong with your frame! Weirdly though for the same weight I bought pro-lites braccianos for £250
    . Granted they don't look as sexy but they roll well and have little flex and are still handmade.

  2. Hi Jez, apologies mate I don't know where that came from :-)

    The wheels aren't a weight weenies choice really but they are really strong, stiff and durable by all accounts with a beefed up rim.

    Rolf aren't the first brand you think of if your looking for a good VFM wheelset but I think some of the relative high cost is due to the White Industries Eno hub, and the non standard methods in how they build the wheel, like internal nipples for aerodynamics and probably they add a premium because they're the only none custom wheel in there category. It's the uniqueness that gives them their kudos for me really and the low spoke count as most CX wheels seem to go for the opposite,