Thursday, 26 July 2012

Want it Wednesday-English Cycles Custom Bikes

Apologies first for being a day late for this weeks instalment of  Want It Wednesday (better late than never) which takes place every other Wednesday and is an idea from Jez Andrews-Following the for like minded cycle bloggers to get together and share all their bike related wants and desires.

My "want it" for this week is a custom made bike.

There are lot of custom builders out there at the moment making bikes what can only be described as works of art.  One company that really caught my eye about a year ago and have been lusting after ever since is called English Cycles made by a guy called Paul English over in the US. The bikes are beautiful with lovely understated clean lines. I would probably sell one of my organs just to own one of these.

Here are two of my faves.


  1. Looking at his website I can see why this would be an your wish list. Beautiful unique hand made frames must be great to own but judging by the price I'll have to keep it a dream. You could buy a titanium frame for the same price!

    Thanks for joining again, I've linked you from my post.

  2. That seat makes my butt hurt, just looking at it. Beautiful bikes though.

  3. I think they would have to be a lottery win purchase if I was ever to be able to buy one of them !