Friday, 12 October 2012

Pompino update !

It's been a while since I last posted probably the longest gap since I started posting. I've been busy starting a new relationship and college so there's been quite a lot of change to get used too so my  riding for fun as taken a back seat a bit but I've probably ridden more but it's been more of a commuting and just getting about type riding.

The Pompino as been fitted with the FSA carbon crank and I have to say that I'm very pleased with it as I wasn't too sure when I bought it. The Goldtec chainring looks great with it too and finished off with red kcnc chain ring bolts.

It feels like it's lost a shed load of weight and that coupled with a slightly lower gear it's a lot easier to get up the hills now . Just a slotted/hollow pin chain and the White Industries freewheel and that will be the drivetrain taken care off.

I've been having a clear out of old parts to make some funds for the new wheels that hopefully I should be able to get in the next few weeks, still not sure what build to go with yet though !

Stay tuned !


  1. If you're thinking about Stans Alpha-340 rims just know that they don't work well at low pressures for many CX tires (Michelin Mud-2 is the exeption). I've used the old 29er 355 rims for years without issues but they are out of production and about the only offering is the A-340. Heard that Velocity A23 rims are working well.

  2. Thanks for your comments Eric, i've read a lot about burping issue's relating to these rims Eric, but also i've read and spoke to people who really rate them and have had no problems so i suppose i'll have to find out for myself as i have taken the plunge with them. I will be trying them out with rocket rons first, i've not got any immediate plans on racing so i'll have time to see what works best ? I'll be posting how i go on with them, hopefully it will be positive also it's my first time with tubeless so i'm sure there will be a few ups & downs along the way...