Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Want it Wednesday-Swrve Urban Cycling wear

Want it Wednesday is here again and is a reminder of how quick the weeks fly by !  Although I've got an extensive list of  "want it's" I had to think a bit this week and thought if I had a bit of spare cash at the moment what would I spend it on, and apart from bits for my bike it would be some new clobber from the very stylish urban cycling wear company Swrve .

As I use my bike for getting about on Swrve's apparel is right up my street and are packed with features for cycling in such as there jeans having slightly stretchy material and pockets that will take a mini D lock.

The one item I would really like is their wax riding jacket , which would be a nice jacket even without the cycling features.

Now I know the stuff ain't cheap but I think they compare well with designer gear and with all the added features you get they ain't too bad.  So there you have it this weeks want it wednesday-Swerve Urban Cycling Apparel.  


  1. Thanks for taking part David. Never come across this clothing company and they have some really good kit so thanks for drawing them to my attention!

    By the way I like the picture at the top of your blog it looks a lot better with that one there :)

  2. Thanks Jez, glad you like them...