Saturday, 21 April 2012

TRP Inplace Adjust pad set up

After seeing that there's quite a few posts here and there asking how you set up toe in on Frogglegs canti's, I thought I`d do a post to show how to set up these pads as anybody who has bought Frogglegs canti`s will know you don`t get any instruction manual with them, leaving you to figure it out for yourself. It wasn't till I came across a pic of the more expensive pads with angle markings that it became obvious how the unique set up of the inplace adjust actually worked, but without the markings it's a bloody mystery. I'd thought that mine were faulty because one of the pads was angled differently to the rest ! Now I've got them set up right they're working a lot better, more stopping power and it's quite a nifty system and in my opinion better and easier to set toe in than the conical washer system.

The pic above shows the hole in the end of the pad post, where you put the alan key and turn till it loosens the pad holder enabling you to set your toe in. You can also adjust the pad up or down too.

The pic above shows you how much the pad swivels in the oppisite direction. Like I sad before once you know how it's a really easy and smart way to get your toe in and i'm sure some of the bad stuff on the forums i've read about these brakes is down to not knowing how these pads work.

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