Saturday, 14 April 2012

This is my Pompino, there are many like it but this one is mine...

This shot was taken using my niece's Cannon SLR camera. I'm sure I could of got a better shot if I knew what I was doing but I don't think it's too shabby. I've been using an old Casio Exifilm 7.2 mega pixels which I've never been really happy with but that could be down to me too.

I've started using using my Nokia x6 phone after fixing the broken screen and LCD. The shot above was from the x6,  it uses a 5 MP Carl Zeiss optic and I really don't think I shall bother carrying a camera again even if it was only a compact. The added bonus with x6 is I can listen to my tunes as well.

Just after taking this shot  I nearly came a cropper when a bloody great big tractor came flying over the brow of the hill !!

You can't tell from the shot above as it's as dry as it gets but in winter the mud can  be ankle deep along this stretch of track.


  1. Loving the bike! Good blog too. If you get the time you can check mine out at

    1. Thanks for comments Jez it's appreciated.I don't really no what i'am doing, i'am just muddling my way through at the moment but when i've got to grips with it I hope it looks something like your's it's a great blog ! Chapeau to you ! I look forward to following your blog. Thanks again.

    2. Sometimes the content is more important than the looks! So you're doing well so far. I used a pre set template which you can download for free of some websites. A little html adjustment later and thats what you get. If you need any help with that let me know :)

      Thanks for following back!

    3. Thank you very much for the offer Jez, i'm sure i'm going to need to take you up on it!