Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Winter come & gone

Last week I made the most of  freezing temps and the rock hard ground with mostly night rides, which ended on the Friday night with the thermometer hitting about -10 C and my water bottle freezing.

 Winter is my favorite season so when the snow came on Saturday I didn't waste any time and spent nearly 4 hrs riding the local trails and lanes. It ended up being quite a slog in the end has it came down thick and fast, with about 6-7 inches in 5 hrs which would of been much deeper but it was falling as sleet at times. I decided to call it a day when I was soaked through and getting pretty cold.As is the case a lot of time with winters in the UK it started to thaw the next day, and by the middle of the week the trails were like a scene from the Somme but that's another story. Here's some of the shot's from Saturday.

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