Saturday, 26 March 2016

Last Snowfall of Winter

Buxton - Hollinsclough -Three Shires Route

The winter of 2015/16 was meant to rival the Baltic winters of the early 60's and late 1940's due to it being an El Nino year, where high sea temps in the Pacific has a global impact on weather systems around the world resulting in record freezing temperatures and snowfalls in the UK. I'm one of those weird types who's favourite season is winter so to me this was great news and as such had me looking forward with anticipation of epic rides battling through 6ft snow drifts and icicles on my beard. Well just like every year it turned out to be a load of cobblers. I did manage to get out when it snowed the first weekend in March though as I was determined to make the most of what was probably the last snowfall of winter and managed to get a few pics on my phone.

The push out of Buxton
Heading south towards Longnor
Staffordshire Moorlands with it's winter coat on

The crossing of the river Dove not far from it's head
This crossing lies at the bottom of some of the best decent's in the Peak District
More Staffordshire Moorlands
The byway to the Three Shires crossing
more snow on the way
The Three Shires crossing over the river Dane
Turn Edge bridleway
Three Shires bridge

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