Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Want it Wednesday-Engin Cycles Single Speed CX

It's been a while since I last posted mainly because I havn't had much to post about so I thought I'd join in with Jez Andrews Want it Wednesday over at followingthechainline blog which was a good way to ease myself back into the blogging saddle.
I hope Jez won't mind as he has done a want it with Engin mtb's, but when I saw Engin's single speed CX I just had to do a want it.
Engin's are a bit special being totaly bespoke with rider specific tubesets using tubes from all the main players and painted on decals. Engin's SSCX is part of a new wave as cross is really big in the states right now and is growing beyond the traditional side of cross with it's hour long race format into a more longer endurance format called gravel grinding or graveling, using off the beaten tracks.

l think you will agree it's a really nice bike and it's my want it wednesday !



  1. Thanks for taking part. Engins cx bikes are just as gorgeous as their mtbs. Think it must just be the attention to detail that sets them apart. Still way to expensive but I guess you are paying for quality and I bet you won't see many it them out there.

    1. Your right about the attention to detail Jez, for me they are in a class of there own !