Thursday, 1 November 2012


Want it wednesday  has had a bit of a makeover after almost being binned but i'm glad Jez Andrews has had a change of heart and kept it going and in this new format of posting on any Wednesday when you have a new want it I think is probably easier as you don't always have anything in mind.
Anyway back to this week's want it which is the new cantilever brake from TRP the RevoX Carbon
I think you will agree this is a very sexy looking brake !

These brakes give you just about all the adjust ability you could want with a cantilever brake with individual spring tension, height adjust and adjustable toe in pads. Carbon brake arms and lightweight aluminium fittings give you a very light and distinctive though not cheap package. Form an orderly queue !

Yes I know it's Thursday...

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  1. Ah that IS one sexy brake. I miss the day of canti brakes. Not that I think them a better brake but because designers often went to town and produced some real dribble worthy stuff. Do you remember avid of old?.
    Thanks for taking part David I will put this post in its new rightful home :)