Friday, 2 December 2011

I went out on my first proper rides this week since my stack. I've always been a risk taker and have tendency to under estimate my lack of skill so  i said to myself  "fook it" i couldn't sit about and wait for a doctor to give me the all clear . The injury to my shoulder was a collarbone that now sticks out of the joint with the shoulder blade by about  an inch and torn ligaments which is still sore to touch and i still can't sleep on that side.
So by Tuesday evening I'd had enough, stuck my lights on and set of for a little loop. I couldn't resist the pull of doing a bit  off road and the  farm track that i used to take on my mtbike. The track is heavily pot holed and rutted and not made any better by some heavy rain in the last couple of days , with a busted shoulder and skinny tyres it was probably best to avoid, did i mention  lack of skill ? This is my first skinny tyred bike so i don't know what kind of punishment the skinny wheels will take, I'm not carrying a pump either and every hole i hit feels like I'm hitting the bloody rims. The hole's and ruts are full of water so sploshing threw was risking a trip over the bars again ! It was a lot of fun  but the small lake at the bottom of the track where the all the rain that runs off the surrounding fields gathers and pools, and that I'd plough through on my mtbike i thought it best to get off and push  instead. I'd normally head up into Hanchurch woods on my mtbike but i wasn't  even going to try on a skinny wheeled SS, so I headed of to try some Pave`!  Er' i mean cobbled back alley's ! It was a bit of fun actually it was a lot of fun but the next day the cumulative affects of not having ridden for nearly 4 months prior, the having one gear and a soft undercarriage was in full affect. Didn't stop me doing it all again the following night though !

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